A.G.A.S.T.U.T.I(Autonomous Goods & Services Transport Using Touch Interface)


AGASTUTI as the name suggests is an autonomous system which can replace human beings from the unproductive job of transporting objects from one place to another. Thus effectively saving human resources which can be used in other comparatively more productive jobs. The system consists of a CPU as any customized PC. The main aim is to achieve an autonomous navigation. The robot will further be used in hospitals where in case of an emergency the nearest ICU for the patient will be automatically be fetched from a UNIFIED database and will save the precious moments. The robot will feature various robotic sciences like Image Processing,etc. The interface with the robot will be via a touch screen An insight in the future a multiple number of these robots will be in sync with each other to make navigation very simple and efficient saving a lot of resources and man power.

Team Members

Devang Darode
Karsh Tharyani
Ayush Jhalani