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About ZINE

Zine is a creative group of engineering undergraduates of Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur who are together to learn, improve and apply their technical skills to help foster the growth of society and India in the field of technology by utilising their engineering skills to work on real time problems. It is comprised of students from various disciplines working under guidance of Dr. Rajesh Kumar from Electrical Engineering department and various alumni working in reputed firms and doing research in Universities in India and abroad. Zine has been the only active robotics and research group of MNIT for the last 11 years, since its foundation.

ZINE Activities


Participates in Various Competitions

Our team has participated and emerged victorious in various national and international robotics events for the past decade owing to the skills and commitment of our members. We firmly believe that having participated in various national and international level events has lended us valuable experience and a knack for victory competing alongside the most premiere robotics teams of India.


Reseach and Development

Our research falls in many domains including Artifical Intelligence, Controls and System, Gait Analysis, Human Robot Interaction, Algorithm Development and many more. Spanning all domains, ZINE Robotics has 9 patents and multiple papers in reputed IEEE Journals. ZINE has also collaborated with several hospitals for research and development.



Our team conducts a 9 day workshop that guides the incoming freshers into the field of robotics, along with lectures on various other engineering skills such as Android app development, Website Development, Ethical hacking and many basic lectures which are required to enhance your skills in Robotics. Every year our team had successfully delivered the impactful lectures and practicals to more than 300 freshers.

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